Copywriting & Awards Coaching

Copywriting & Coaching for awesome small business owners



Copywriting services tailored to your business, budget and goals!

We'll work together to identify what you want your copy to deliver, and then figure out how to make it sound like you and how to make sure it resonates with the audience you're trying to connect with.

That's basically what copywriting comes down to, after all. It's about building meaningful connections: Talking to people in a way that creates a relationship between a brand and their consumers that's about more than just a transaction.

Great copy should be engaging and have a clear call to action, and great copy is what we're going to create together with my copywriting services.

AWARD ENTRY coaching


You know what the difference is between you and award-winning businesses? They enter!

So, you know you run an epic business - now how to convince the judges? A winning submission is about much more than perfect grammar - it's about delivering some serious WOW factor, authenticity and evidence. You've got to blend great marketing, business analysis and captivating case studies to create truly savvy storytelling! 

I can coach you through this process from start to finish with my signature programme, designed to get you the results you want and deserve!

Public Speaking 1:1 Coaching


Public speaking is a key component of business, right? Whether you're pitching to a client or asking for investment, often you have to get up there alone and talk about why you're SO great. 

I am passionate about helping awesome professionals learn to love the sound of their own voice, because I know for some of us that can be tough to learn!

I'll believe in you, encourage you and show you some easy, totally non-scary ways to get the most out of your public speaking opportunities.



Professional copywriting services, editing & proofreading services to suit all your business needs.

I will review your work, highlighting any errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, as well as any recommendations about language style, structure and tone.

Whether you just want a careful eye over an important document, or need a bit of help refining your brand voice and tone, we can work together to get that presentation, pitch, novel, or CV exactly right!

Hey - it's me!


Meet Chantelle Davison, a copywriter, awards and competitions coach and small business champion. 

Chantelle helps businesses struggling to find their brand voice to communicate exactly what they do and how well they do it, so that they can make more sales, win industry accolades and feel great about themselves in the process!

With over 7 years combined experience in copywriting, marketing and sales,

Chantelle brings her personal brand of energy, commercial acumen and linguistic savvy to the table for her clients, whether its working 1:1 on perfecting their funding pitch, coaching them through a highly sought after award entry or creating sizzling sales copy that has prospects clamouring to make a purchase!

Chantelle’s signature calm, empathic and intuitive style means clients always know they’re in safe hands. Her clients love working with Chantelle because of her energy, her passion, and her unshakeable commitment to helping small businesses find their authentic voice and achieve the success they deserve.

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